A Content Gap Analysis Is Done

A content gap analysis is the process of finding holes in your existing content. The best way to identify and fill content gaps is through conducting content gap analysis. You can grab a content gap analysis template for either Excel or Google sheets and fill in the data yourself. This serves the same purpose, but is free of charge, albeit a more complex process.

  • The first version (and the most common one) is done through competitor analysis.
  • Use your content gap analysis template to track your progress and see how your website’s rankings improve over time.
  • To be able to see keywords from other without having access to their search console.
  • This provides you with a list of keywords that could be valuable for you to target and gives you an insight into the type of content your competitors are producing to rank for these.

But, simply looking at the number of backlinks a site has may not provide an accurate representation of its value as a backlink opportunity. Medium indicates the backlink is found for two of your competitors and not for you, and low means that only one of your competitors has that backlink. Access the entire seoClarity Data Ocean for your data science, analysis, or machine learning project. HubSpot is ranking for this keyword too, but with a different, dedicated page.
In the screenshot below, Zoho would be a direct ‘real-life’ competitor. Investopedia would not be, but we’re still interested in capturing their audience for this keyword (and likely many others). You build topical authority by finding and addressing gaps in your content. This simply means Google begins to see you more and more as an expert in your field.

Disruptions, Ai, And Content Strategies Are Part Of The State Of Seo

Only one company can be in the number one spot, and to get the most organic traffic, you want that to be your site. The brief generator will significantly speed up your process for creating great content. You can take advantage of our in-built AI to create and rewrite titles and headers. But we do recommend letting your writers know which parts have been AI-generated. With a tool like Screaming Frog, you can easily view all internal links and anchor text for each link. Also, it’s a good idea to review the current internal links pointing to the page.
If you think a keyword has zero volume, then naturally this affects your decisions and SEO strategy. For example, you’re not going to see everything if you’re only looking at Search Console. When you only look at data from 1 source, you deprive yourself of hidden insights. The truth is… many tools need to be combined to get a full understanding. That way, you have valuable content that nurtures even the coldest audience into a purchase-ready customer.
Take advantage of these opportunities to maximize your traffic and solidify your content funnel. Then, you can determine whether you are missing content that bridges the gap between one stage and another. Use Google Forms to create a simple, anonymous survey to send to your target audience. But this creates gaps where people who are still considering various options may fall through the cracks.
As shown above, Frase provides a helpful content production workflow, from content briefs to content writing, optimization, and analytics. Of course, you’ll be helping your target audience with more useful educational and decision-making information as well. That’s where you can swoop in with your content and create something 10x better. That means there is a built-in opportunity for new SEO rankings and improving your overall SEO scores. When SEO TELEGRAM COMMUNITY can reach those groups by filling in the gaps, they can become part of your sales and marketing funnels and join your pipelines. Now that you know which domains will provide the most valuable backlink opportunities for your site, the only thing left to do is to reach out to those sites and try to get them to link to your domain.
Similarly, keyword gap analysis is another important and related component of SEO. It allows you to identify new keywords and keyword phrases (user search queries) that could help increase your website’s visibility in search engine results. This post discusses content, topic, and keyword gap analysis, and some of the methods and tools available to identify and address these gaps to boost SEO performance. With this, you’ll be able to identify which keywords are bringing in the most organic traffic, allowing you to map out your content accordingly. This process can also help you uncover any gaps or opportunities that may exist at various stages of the buyer’s journey.
As we’ve said earlier, you’ll easily be able to combine multiple CSVs from different sources without having to format each if you’re using Keyword Insights. Our keyword discovery tool is a quick way to generate related keywords from a seed in 3 simple steps. For each ‘seed’, we want to find all the relevant keywords for our business. Repeat this process for each competitor and save the keywords to a spreadsheet. For example, let’s say your site is Freshbooks; in the software accounting space. For the keyword ‘chargebacks accounting,’ how many of the results are ‘real-life competitors’?
Use the insights from your analysis to align your content creation efforts with the keywords that matter most. This way, you’ll not only provide valuable information to your audience but also give search engines a reason to put you on the top of the results page. Then, create new content or update existing content to include the keywords you are missing. A content gap analysis should focus on topics and keywords that are within your main areas of expertise and are likely to attract website traffic and potential customers. SEO content gap analysis also allows you to identify key opportunities to develop new content that could potentially outrank your competitors in organic search. In an SEO context, a content gap analysis is a process used to identify gaps in an organization’s content in comparison to competitors.
Use our gap analysis spreadsheet to identify opportunities to attract new high quality visitors searching on high intent keywords online. It compares the effectiveness of organic search compared to paid in driving visitors to your site. Using a content gap analysis tool like Ahrefs or SEMRush can immensely help you analyze your content.

This will likely be in a subdirectory named “blog,” “articles,” or “resources.” If your competitor is on Wix, their blog posts will most likely be in /posts/. Explore your competitor’s site and find where they’re hosting their editorial content. Evaluating content performance is more of an art rather than an exact science, but it can be a very informative, revealing exercise.
So, you have to produce content that’s more informative, thorough, and capable of ranking higher than what’s already there. Marketing strategies work well when they are personalized, so while you want to cast a wide net, you can’t cover everyone. Explore who your audience is in terms of both demographics and psychographics. When you analyze content, pay attention to what your audience suggests they want, not just what you think they do. Links are undoubtedly one of the most powerful signals Google uses to rank a website, but not every link is built the same. Popularity, multiple sources of traffic, word of mouth, and association to a product or service make a brand stand out.
We’ve already mentioned some ways you can manually gather data, such as by entering keywords into search engines. You can also perform a keyword gap analysis using Google Search Console. Competitive analysis is often overlooked in digital marketing strategies, as search marketers instead focus on keywords and backlinks. Without successful competitor intelligence, however, it will be a challenge to really succeed in the SERPs. For your brand to have a strong digital presence, ranking well on the SERPs is nonnegotiable.
See if your own content fits into the buyer’s journey you just mapped and the keywords you’ve selected through your research. It will also assign a keyword difficulty score to demonstrate how competitive an organic keyword SERP is- the higher the search volume of a keyword, the more difficult it’ll be to achieve ranking success. Before you start conducting your content gap analysis, you should equip yourself with the right services proposal templates.
SE Ranking’s Competitive Research tool helps you to identify keywords that other companies target to drive traffic to their sites and rank in search, but your site doesn’t. This provides you with a list of keywords that could be valuable for you to target and gives you an insight into the type of content your competitors are producing to rank for these. In this section, we’ll look at exactly how to conduct a holistic SEO content gap analysis. Follow these steps carefully, and you’ll be able to identify any significant gaps in your content plan.
This tool provides you with the keywords your competitor is ranking for in search, the number of monthly searches and the landing page. Export the competitor analysis report to excel and repeat this process for your top 3 – 5 competitors + your own domain. Using your PPC and organic channels together in a complementary way will help you get tangible results on a larger, more competitive list of keywords. Like any SEO effort, track your results as you progress with your competitive efforts.
A keyword gap analysis isn’t only important for SEO, but for paid search campaigns. You can use it to identify your competitor’s paid search terms as well. It’s even more useful when you combine your learnings from paid and organic to inform your strategy. We now need to group the keywords and audit the keywords to find the gaps. We can then create a roadmap and action plan as part of the content gap analysis. On top of this, it’s more likely you produce thin, low-value content (as quantity is valued more than quality).
Some content gap analyses are quite qualitative in nature, and that’s fine. But even improving on one or two gaps gives you a good shot of leapfrogging your competition on Google’s first page. A few years ago I wanted to create a piece of content on the topic of link building. This makes customers happy and ingratiates your brand to them among your competitors.

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